Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any dance experience?
No, most of us are beginners ourselves.
Do I need to be coordinated?
Again, no, and dancing can actually help you with that!
Do I need to bring a partner to the meetings?
No, we rotate partners throughout the meeting.
What if I don't want to dance with anyone but my significant other/partner?
Don't worry, we won't make you rotate! Although, we do encourage dancing with several different partners because you learn to lead and follow better than if you dance with the same person all the time. Also there is practice time at the end of every lesson, so you can choose to dance with your partner during that time as well.
What if I'm not a KSU student?
You're welcome to come too! The club is open to the community as well.
How much does it cost to join?
Dues are $10 per semester or $15 for the whole year.
How do I join?
Drop in to one of our meetings or email.
Do I need fancy dance shoes or clothes?
Absolutely not, dance shoes can be expensive, so many of us dance in regular shoes. The best kind of shoe is comfortable, fits your foot, and doesn't grip the floor too much. Sandals are often a bit too loose. Sneakers usually grip the floor too much (bad for your ankles and knees when you try to pivot). Comfortable, smooth-soled dress shoes (with not too much of a heel, women) are often the best option. If you'd like to invest in some nice shoes/apparel or are having trouble finding comfortable dance shoes in your closet, visit our dance wear links page.
Can we have you teach an organization?
Yes! We have been to a number of organizations and taught them a style of dance.
Does this club have anything for experienced dancers?
Yes! Do you like to teach!?! We're interested in learning all styles of Ballroom Dancing plus many free night club dances. We do this through hiring instructors to come to our meetings. So if you're interested in sharing your dance knowledge with others, then email us.