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Alpha Chi Sigma
We are a Professional Chemistry Fraternity, made of both Collegiate and Professional branches, committed to the advancement of chemistry. We find the science of chemistry entertaining and rewarding, and strive to share our enthusiasm with those around us. We believe in learning not only more about chemistry, but learning more about our fellow brothers along the way. These aspirations have been part of the fraternity since our founding in 1902 at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and as such are the three objectives of the fraternity, found at the bottom of the page. Our main goal is to promote the brotherhood and scholarship of chemistry. Our largest contributor is our chemistry magic shows. We perform at different venues including many places on campus, as well as at the various elementary and middle schools in Manhattan and surrounding cities. Our main goal at these shows is to show the amazing things that chemistry can explain, and have fun while doing it. We also have social events with our collegiate brothers, as well as the professional brothers.
Beta Rho
Beta Rho was colonized by the Kappa Chapter (Kansas University), and has been a thriving branch of Alpha Chi Sigma since October 30, 1965.

Our first members were initiated by Kappa after a friendly game of basketball.
The Pledging Process

To join Alpha Chi Sigma, you must first go through pledging: a semester long process that gives you time to get to know our members and a few things about the fraternity before joining. Alpha Chi Sigma is open to students that are majoring in Chemistry, or were within the top 40% of your chem 1 class. Both males and females may start pledging to join.

If you're interested in the slightest, we have informational meetings near the start of each semester. If you want us to contact us to find out about the next informational meeting, fill out the form below or just show up! The dates of the informational meetings will be on the Calendar as soon as they are known.

Throughout the semester, our chapter has social events. Near the start of the pledging process, we have events every night of the week for prospective pledges to get to know us and see whether they want to join or not. These events may include, but are not limited to bowling, laser tag, a potluck, picture scavengar hunts, and movie nights!

Frequently AΧΣd Questions

You can contact our Master Alchemist or Vice Master Alchemist to receive information about our next informational meeting. Master Alchemist, Vice Master Alchemist, !

We have informational meetings at the start both the Fall and Spring semesters. We can't wait to hear from you!
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Through the year, our chapter puts on a variety of Chemistry Magic Shows to show groups Chemistry and how cool it can be!
National Chemitry Week Mall Show
Each October, Alpha Chi Sigma and the Chemistry Department at K-State put on activities during National Chemistry Week. The biggest event is a show at Manhattan Town Center Mall. Faculty members of the American Chemical Society with the help of BP brothers offer hands-on activities for kids, and brothers from BP put on three Halloween-themed shows during the day to show off a variety of neat chemistry tricks. The mall show is fun because so many children and families stop to watch, and its a fun show for members to participate in too!
Want us to come to you?
You can contact our Outreach Coordinator, or our Assistant Outreach Coordinator, if you're interested in having us do a show.
We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing faculty we have at our school. They continually challenge us to learn and achieve.
KSU Chemistry Faculty Dinner
BP hosted its annual dinner with faculty at Little Apple Brewery. Several faculty members were in attendance, including: Chapter Advisor Dr. Chris Levy; brother Dr. Chris Culbertson; Drs. Christer Aakeroy, Yasmin Patell, Kenneth Klabunde, Ping Li, Leila Maurmann; Christa Obermeyer and Ron Jackson; Chemist and Dean of Arts and Sciences Peter Dorhout. It was a nice evening out for all students and faculty in attendance.

In order to strive for the advancement of Chemistry, we work to better the department.

Chem/Biochem Periodic Table Cleanup
In the basement of the Chemistry/Biochemistry Building is a large periodic table - each element has its own square with information about the element. In the fall, under the advice of BP Chapter Advisor Dr. Christopher Levy, brothers volunteered their time on a Saturday to clean the periodic table element panels. With music cranked up in the AXS lab and everybody sporting purple gloves, cleaning turned out to be fun!

To Bind Its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship
To Strive For the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession
To Aid Its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives
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