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Scholarship Program Overviews

Team Mission:
We are dedicated to facilitating environmental responsibility through scholarship programs enhancing ecologically sustainable products, processes, thinking, values, behavior, and leadership.

Photo of Dr. LeHew


Melody L. A. LeHew, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

324 Justin Hall
(785) 532-1321

The primary goal of my scholarship program is to foster the transition to a sustainable marketplace through research, education and outreach.  My educational training and experience directs my scholarship interests to the intersection of apparel and textile business strategy and consumer behavior.  Specific objectives include: (1) investigating methods firms can use and are using to satisfy consumer needs through ecologically sustainable products and processes as well as effective inducements to increase such strategies, (2) examining barriers to ecologically sustainable consumption practices, with a focus on apparel purchase and consumption, as well as exploring techniques to intensify such behavior while reducing ecologically harmful consumption practices.  Education is an important part of my scholarship program, not only through outreach to apparel and textile businesses and consumers, but also to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in apparel and textile programs.  They are the future business leaders, and my aspiration as an educator is to help them develop a sustainability mindset that will be essential for the upcoming transformation of not only the apparel and textile industry, but of the world.
Photo of Dr. Haar

Sherry J. Haar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

339 Justin Hall
(785) 532-1309


My long term and overarching goal is to infuse regional agriculture and design with varied and locally sensitive crops for dye processes, increase local jobs, promote a sense of community and education, document past and promote future regional artisan work, and contribute to a healthy environment.  I am currently growing and dyeing with natural dyestuffs on fabrics made from organic fibers.  I approach the process from both scientific and aesthetic viewpoints. Scientifically, I am examining energy efficient processes for color extraction and retention, and aesthetically I am exploring variegated color, thickening, and resist techniques.  
Photo of Hiller_Connell

Kim Hiller-Connell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

321 Justin Hall
(785) 532-3084


My scholarship program focuses on sustainability of the apparel and textiles supply chain and sustainable consumer behavior. Currently I am investigating environmentally significant apparel consumption behaviors and barriers and the decision making of ecologically conscious apparel consumers. I am also working to define environmentally significant apparel consumption from an environmental impact perspective and assess apparel students’ knowledge of sustainability issues within the apparel and textiles industry.
Photo of Barbara Anderson

Barbara G. Anderson, M. Arch
Associate Professor

218 Justin Hall
(785) 532-1304

My scholarship in sustainability addresses attitudes and actions as they relate to interior design.  My education in architecture and practical experience in historic preservation provide a distinct perspective from which to consider the ways in which interior designers influence human decisions that might lead to a sustainable future.  I use historical perspectives to examine and evaluate the wisdom of contemporary values and actions related to sustainability in the built environment.

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