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Cinderella Project

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ReDesign Project

The ReDesign Project was carried out by Apparel and Textile Class 805, Theory and Process in Creative Apparel and Textile Design. Its purpose is to implement strategies of sustainable design by creating products through the reuse, recycle, and reconstruction of existing products.100% of the product created is from reused items, with a budget of $0.00. Notions were used from the donated supplies for the department.

Blue resist dyed skirt fabric

Light Manufacturing Outfit

This outfit was designed using light manufacturing techniques. The pieces of fabric where dyed using natural dyes like indigo and walnut. These pieces were not cut in the finishing of this garment, leaving no fabric waste. This outfit is very versatile, and can born many different ways. The top can be worn backwards, and has hooks to tie the sides back, if preferred. Created by Mia Whang.

Skirt Fabric Outfit Front Outfit Back Back with Sides pinned back
Close up of Rug

T-Shirt Rug

This rug was created from old T-shirts and burlap. The t-shirts were cut into thin strips, that were then woven into the burlap. There are approximately 1700 of these 1/2 inch by 3 inch strips. They were woven in at random. The rug edges were finished with the T-shirt hems. Created by Meagan Pickett.

Rug Close Up Underside of rug T-shirts for rug Burlap for rug
New Love Dress Front

New Love Dress

This dress was created from an old dress and a knit top. The inspiration for this dress comes from first loves and the New Look inspired original dress. The skirt has folds that make pockets. The details are all hand sewn on the bodice. There was very little fabric waste in the production of this dress. Created by Erica Schrader.

Dress Front Dress back Close up of dress details Origional Garments
Princess dress

Princess Dress

This is a dress made for a little 5 year old girl. It combines an old purple dress and donated fabrics. It has long sleeves and a velvet bodice. It has a petal shaped skirt. The dress that this was made out of has not been worn for over 5 years, making it ideal for a redesign. Created by Bellyn Whitteker.

Princess Dress Princess Dress Progress Princess dress fabrics Princess dress origional garment
Finshed silver and brown dress

Hand-made Silver Dress

The origion dress for this redesign was a hand made dress that had been passed down for a few generations. It was in need of an update, which is a sustianable way of 'acquiring' new clothes. Some scrap fabric was pleated and inserted into this dress.


finished silver and brown dress silver and brown dress back with pleats Silver Dress front silver dress back
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