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Call for Proposals

The Institute for Student Learning Assessment is an Annual Conference held at Kansas State University featuring best practice posters, sessions, and workshops focused on the assessment of student learning. This institute will also provide unlimited networking opportunities for college/university educators across Kansas.

The 2013 Annual Institute for Student Learning Assessment is seeking proposals:

  • informed by theory and research.
  • encouraging opportunities for learner engagement.
  • demonstrating application to the work of participants.

The 2013 Call for Proposals is Now Closed

Please email or call 785-532-5712 with any questions. 

The proposal asks for: title, abstract, presentation type, topic area, and required knowledge level of audience.

The Institute will focus on best of assessment for:

(1)academic areas; (2) student life units;

(3) program coordinators; (4) university level issues

Topic areas for consideration (but not limited to)

  • Measuring, recording, and disseminating general education outcomes.
  • Tools and methods to organize, analyze, and make use of assessment data.
  • Using assessment data for program improvement.
  • Effective assessments for critical thinking, written/oral communication, critical thinking, diversity, etc.
  • Reflecting Blooms taxonomy to guide student learning and assessment.
  • Assessing student learning through High-Impact Practices.
  • Effective student learning assessment for distance education or outside of the traditional classroom.
  • What and how to assess in student life areas.
  • Strategies for student life and academic areas to collaborate.
  • Gaining university data from course/program/student life assessments.
  • How to effectively address the AQIP: Open Pathways expectations for the HLC.
  • Processes implemented for Performance Agreements.
  • Issues that hinder transfer: student learning expectations, Core Outcomes project.
  • Board of Regent’s expectations for outcome reporting.
  • Using NSSE data for quality improvement.