College of Engineering Program Assessment Coordinating Committee

Committee Members
Jim Goddard*ProfessorArchitectural Engineering & Construction
Ronaldo Maghirang*ProfessorBiological & Agricultural
Steven Starrett*Associate ProfessorCivil
John Schlup*ProfessorChemical
Raphael YunkAssociate ProfessorArchitectural Engineering & Construction
Rodney Howell*Associate ProfessorComputing & Information
David Soldan*ProfessorElectrical and Computer
Shing Chang*Associate ProfessorIndustrial and Manufacturing Systems
Stacy Hutchinson*Associate ProfessorBiological & Agricultural
Kevin Lease*Associate ProfessorMechanical and Nuclear
Jack XinAssociate ProfessorMechanical & Nuclear
Margaret RysAssociate ProfessorIndustrial and Manufacturing Systems
Andrew RysProfessorElectrical and Computer
Mitchell NeilsenAssociate ProfessorComputing & Information
David StewardProfessorCivil
James EdgarProfessor/HeadChemical
Tom RobertsAssistant Dean/Associate ProfessorDean's
Larry SatzlerAssistant Dean for AcademicsDean's

*Indicates member of the College Assessment Review Commitee (CARC)

List of members current as of September 2013