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Office of Assessment

College of Business Administration assessment review committee

College of Business Administration's Assessment of Student Learning website


Committee Members
  Name    TitleDepartmentE-Mail
Richard Ott, Chair Professor/Department HeadAccountingrlo@k-state.edu
Janis Crow InstructorMarketingjcrow@k-state.edu
Scott Hendrix InstructorFinancehendrix@k-state.edu
Ike Ehie Associate ProfessorManagementiehie@k-state.edu
Rodney Vogt InstructorAccountingrlvogt@k-state.edu
Brian Kovar InstructorManagementbkovar@k-state.edu
Dawn R Deeter-Schmelz ProfessorMarketingddeeter@k-state.edu


List of members current as of August 2013