Mission Statement

Provide quality training that emphasizes education, technical competence, maturity, and responsibility to society.

The Aviation Department provides a quality academic education for students in various fields of Aviation. The Aviation faculty are committed to delivering quality undergraduate education to students in programs offered in the department. The department provides instruction on emerging technologies and technical assistance to the constituency of the State of Kansas, local, regional, and international community.

The department's instructional mission in these technical and professional programs is to teach students not only the fundamentals of aviation but also the advance concepts related to the field of Aviation. The success of these programs is a direct result of the periodic revision of the programs' curriculum. This allows the program to incorporate new and emerging technologies into curriculum, which is needed by the aviation industry. This revision process has proven very effective with input from Advisory 
Committees and committed faculty. We seek to recruit students with high academic credentials for our undergraduate programs and encourage them to obtain the most from educational opportunities offered by the department.

The Aviation Department's faculty expertise is increased through scholarship activities, including attending national conferences, professional seminars and professional schools during summer recess. Students benefit from these activities by the direct transfer of knowledge and skills from the faculty and by new and innovative teaching methods developed by the faculty.

The Aviation faculty serves on university committees such as Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs, Faculty Salary and Benefits, and other committees. The faculty contributes to the profession by participating with national accreditation review teams (PAMA), peer review of papers, and as Designated Examiners for the Federal Aviation administration. Also the faculty is committed to community service through participation in Starbase activities (National Guard supported activity to introduce children to science and technology) and conducting FAA Safety Seminars for the local aviation community.