UGE Curriculum

In accordance with University General Education guidelines, the College of Human Ecology established an 18 credit hour UGE program which requires students to complete UGE approved courses from as least four areas selected from quantitative studies, economics, social sciences, humanities, life sciences, physical sciences or a professional college, and including at least six hours from the upper division (numbered 300 or higher). Courses were not specified in order to allow maximum scheduling flexibility.

At the department/school level, academic programs have been designed to allow students to complete UGE requirements with both the diversity and depth of experience intended by implementation of the University General Education program.

To date all graduating seniors obligated to complete University General Education requirements have done so. At present, one student has petitioned for an exception to the UGE requirements due to a unique set of circumstances involving earned credit by examination.

A survey of advisors in November 2000 identified concerns about availability of appropriate upper division UGE courses. The greatest concerns were identified in one particular program, which currently is considering program revisions.

The College of Human Ecology UGE Assessment includes surveying the advisors each year. The college faculty is seeking additional items of measurement to determine if the UGE requirements in the college are meeting the expectations of the students, and the intent of the university.