Mission Statement

Core Purpose

The School of Family Studies and Human Services, including the students that we prepare, provides high quality educational programs, training, and services; increases knowledge and skills through multidisciplinary research, teaching, and scholarship; and contributes professional leadership in order to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in Kansas, the country, and our world.

Core Principles

  • Excellence in educating our students at all levels (B. S., M. S., and Ph.D.) as practitioners and researchers.
  • Excellence in providing education and services that promote and advance the health and well-being of individuals of all ages and their families.
  • Excellence in research that explores and validates appropriate new methods of intervention, education, and prevention to improve the conditions of individuals and their families.
  • Applying a multidisciplinary approach in order to address human needs in a holistic fashion.
  • Operating ethically and with integrity personally, professionally, and at all levels of professional endeavor.
  • Honoring diversity in research, education, training, and all levels of professional practice.