Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computing and Information Sciences is threefold.

The teaching mission is to:

    • provide computing and information technology literacy service courses tothe broad spectrum of students at K-State,
    • offer high-quality BS degree programs in both Computer Science and Information Systems that enable graduates to be successful in the highly competitive high technology industries and graduate schools,
    • offer a high-quality Master of Science degree in Computer Science that prepares students to contribute to the advancement of the state-of-the-artin computing in industry and to succeed in high quality PhD program inComputer Science, and
  • offer a high-quality Master of Software Engineering degree program that prepares graduates to apply modern software technology to the spectrum ofservice, industry, and government automation systems.

The research mission is to:

    • produce PhD graduates in Computer Science who will contribute to the computing research knowledge base, transfer this knowledge to future generations, and leverage this knowledge to improve the human condition,
    • conduct basic research in computing sciences whose value is judged by our peers as contributing to the international computing knowledge base,
  • conduct applied computing sciences and software engineering research which is driven by the current technological needs of government, business, and industry.

The outreach mission is to:

    • offer computing and software engineering courses to practicing computing and engineering professionals in industry,
    • deliver MS/CS and MSE degree programs to off-campus students through lectronic delivery mechanisms, and
  • enable high tech industries through technology transfer and collaborative development projects.