Mission Statement

To participate in the undergraduate preparation of knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers for students with special educational needs in the context of diverse and inclusive social groups, communities, families, and students. In addition, the Department participates in the Undergraduate General Education of Kansas State University through provision of course work and guidance to students enrolled in UGE courses through our department.

To prepare specialists at the graduate level to serve students and families with specific educational needs through:

a) assessment and intervention strategies based on empirically and professionally validated knowledge and practice

b) leadership and collaboration, involving public schools, professional organization, community agencies, and higher education

c) clinical application, research, and practice, through ongoing research, careful application of research to practice, and a commitment to thoughtful dissemination of information to those providing direct service to individuals with disabilities.

The Special Education Department prepares students at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels for service as regular education teachers; teachers of students from birth through high school with mental retardation, emotional/behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and enhanced abilities or talents; special education administrators; or college/university faculty members. Some assessment activities involve all three of these program levels, and some are specific to the particular area or degree program.