Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Business is excellence in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge consistent with the needs of students, business, faculty and society.


To accomplish the stated mission, faculty members strive for quality in their intellectual contributions, teaching and service activities.

  • Intellectual contributions include basic and applied scholarship and instructional development. These activities support and foster continuous improvement in teaching and hence are inseparable from it. The College, therefore, places major and approximately equal emphasis on intellectual contributions and teaching, while providing sufficient flexibility to accommodate the unique objectives of individual departments. Service receives relatively minor emphasis.
  • Within the area of intellectual contributions, a balance is sought between basic scholarship, applied scholarship and instructional development, while again providing sufficient flexibility to accommodate the unique objectives of each department. These contributions address both domestic and global market environments and are disseminated in the classroom, scholarly and applied journals, professional conferences, books and continuing education courses.
  • Quality teaching goes beyond merely emphasizing a body of knowledge. Faculty members help students develop a sense of values; an appreciation of the diversity of their world; an ability to work with others and to communicate effectively; the skill to solve complex and ambiguous problems; and a belief in lifelong learning.
  • To maintain the high quality of the degree programs, members of the faculty and administration continuously review and improve the academic programs in accordance with the principles above.