Mission Statement

The mission of statistics at Kansas State is to continue its 55-year tradition of excellence by:

  • training and education future generations of statisticians through its highly acclaimed B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. programs;

  • communicating statistics and statistical thought through quality education in graduate and undergraduate service courses;

  • pursuing theoretical and applied research driven by novel data types that arise in a variety of scientific contexts;

  • contributing to Kansas State research in science and engineering through active collaboration.


The reputation of the K-State Department of Statistics and the Statistical Laboratory has been historically built on its influence and collaborations with agricultural scientists. The problems solved by Kansas State statisticians in these applied areas have contributed to the discipline's strong body of literature in classical linear models and experimental design. During the last 15 years, Kansas State statistics has branched out its collaborative efforts in other areas of science and engineering, including computer science, psychology, sociology, economics, education and mathematics. In addition to collaborating and consulting with researchers in the College of Agriculture and KSRE, statisticians within the department consult and/or collaborate with scientists and researchers in the College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Business and Human Ecology. The quality of research undertaken at Kansas State is greatly influenced by the existence of the Department of Statistics and the willingness of its faculty and students to work with and consult with K-State researchers throughout the university.