Mission Statement

America's Future depends upon our ability to develop a citizenry that is multi-culturally competent. Dynamic changes occurring throughout the global world regarding demographic changes, political conflict, and changing economic orders, will require institutions of higher learning to graduates students who are comfortable in dealing with cultural differences, and who can provide effective multi-cultural leadership.

American Ethnic Studies is committed to graduating students with either a secondary major or minor who have the knowledge, personal attributes and skills to successfully live and work in a diverse world.

A competency based curriculum focusing on the total student experience will provide learning opportunities for students who can operate competently, confidently and comfortably within a multi-cultural setting and with the tools to adapt to a rapidly changing multi-cultural environment.

American Ethnic Studies Program Goals

    1. Make American Ethnic Studies an integral part of the university's mission and strategic plan.
    1. Promote greater involvement of all students in significant ethnic studies educational experiences.
    1. Create and maintain a stimulating and supportive academic and multi-cultural environment for American Ethnic Studies Secondary majors and minors.
    1. Increase the number of interdisciplinary American Ethnic Studies faculty and tenure track positions.
    1. Develop a multi-cultural, competency based curriculum.
    1. Assure that research and scholarship pertaining to American Ethnic Studies curriculum permeates disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields; and is shared with American Ethnic Students, faculty and community.

Ensure that American Ethnic Studies awareness is an integral part of appropriate outreach and extension activities.