College of Architecture, Planning, and Design (CAPD) - College UGE Assessment

A CAPD student must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours of approved UGE courses. Only one of the three undergraduate programs, landscape Architecture, has placed additional requirements on the selection of UGE courses. The landscape Architecture curriculum requires 32 elective credit hours, 19 are directed (6 in business, 6 in social sciences/humanities, 4 in science, and 3 in Architecture). Directed electives may be taken as UGE. For all CAPD students, no more than 3 credit hours can be selected from CAPD courses and cannot be within the major.

It should be noted that the entire ten semester (5 year) design studio sequence and many of the history courses (a minimum 3 history courses are required of every CAPD student) promote an active learning environment, provide experiential settings and develop connectedness among the courses. The college has actively sought approval of international programs as UGE course experiences because they more than satisfy the intent and spirit of UGE. Approximately two-thirds of CAPD students participate in an international program.

Shortly after the original UGE program was implemented, we noted the following:

  1. Transfer students entering the CAPD after completing 1-2 years of study in a program articulated with CAPD (approximately 22 programs) were going to have to extend their programs of study by one semester to complete UGE requirements. An adjustment to the number of UGE credits a transfer student must complete and the ability to grant exceptions largely eliminated this problem.
  2. The shortage of UGE courses above the 300-level has been problematic and forces students to take courses that are of little interest to them. This is particularly frustrating when a student has identified a course ( which may, in fact, meet UGE requirements, but is not approved) and he or she can't take it. In these cases, the college has granted exceptions to these students to avoid extending their programs of study beyond 5 years.
  3. A number of our students want to pursue foreign language study and have not been able to do so because either the approved courses in a language are too advanced (French only 500 level or above) or too basic (German I, II). Only three languages have any UGE course offerings which has also been a limiting factor.
  4. Students seeking a minor outside CAPD have had difficulty completing the minor if the courses required for the minor did not meet UGE requirements. At this time, the college has not been asked to grant any exceptions so a student could complete a minor.

We constantly monitor our students progress and UGE is obviously included. Inclusion of questions about UGE on our fifth-year survey will yield some insight but this is the first year (2001-2002) which will include students who have been required to take UGE courses.