Landscape Architecture 

As a diverse and nationally recognized faculty, we are involved with education, service, scholarly and creative activities in community and landscape planning, design, and management. The department focuses on visual, physical, ecological, economic and cultural problems and opportunities encountered in rural and urban landscapes at both local and regional scales. The primary objective is to educate students to become professionals who are prepared to engage design and planning problems and advance the state of the disciplines. Our three professionally accredited programs advocate the importance of the natural and built place within the larger context of public policy.

The faculty is committed to providing opportunities for students to learn and practice critical skills that will aid them in shaping tomorrow's agenda. We strive to educate students who can bring diverse perspectives, creative insights, analytical, technical and collaborative skills, and an appreciation of the designed, natural, and political environments to local neighborhoods, communities, and regions. The issues that concern the department faculty are numerous, as can be expected in any comprehensive planning and design department, but focus on the sustainable use of land, fiscal and natural resources, and the retention and building of community. Students will be educated to become professional leaders and participants in public life, helping to bring balance to the often conflicting objectives of resource stewardship and community development.