Mission Statement

Ensure the future competitiveness and profitability of the grain industry by creating:

  • Leaders with fundamental and professional skills needed to lead grain related clientele through rapidly changing themes
  • Solution-based research to solve short and long-term problems and issues in grain science and processing
  • Basic research to explain the fundamental role of genetics and biochemical components on grain quality, product  formulation, processing, and health
  • state of the art teaching, research and pilot facilities to ensure that students, faculty, and visitors have access to the most modern, efficient and up-to-date resources
  • Strong partnerships with AIB, USDA, National Laboratories, Universities, and Industry Associations and Members


The Grain Science and Industry Department's programs address the Kansas State University Strategic Implementation themes as follows:

    1. Research and graduate programs are to be kept strong and have recognition nationally and internationally, and must be supported with extramural grant funds.
    1. Undergraduate students must obtain an education based on science programs through University core curricula and specialty courses and electives that prepare students to be effective leaders in the grain industry.  the education must include a solid foundation in natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and communications.
    1. The program has a long history in enhancing economic development in the State of Kansas and the nation by enhancing the use, marketability, processing, and quality of wheat and other grains and oilseed crops.
    1. Current students at the undergraduate and graduate level represent a multitude of countries and cultures.  Each faculty member across the various programs must instill a cross-cultural appreciation in all students so that they are able to pursue their careers world-wide in the grain industry.
  1. The Department of Grain Science and Industry is a lead program in the University through the International Grains Program and the Grain Industry Alliance for enhancing the reputation of KSU as a world-wide resource for information and knowledge on all aspects of grain trading, processing and utilization.