Academy Scholars

Academy Scholars have demonstrated a commitment to improve student learning at K-State through the completion of the Academy Workshop Series.

Name   Job Title


Gayla Adams WrightAdvisorArts & Sciences Dean's Office

Heidi Blackburn

Assistant Professor-SalinaLibrary

Rachel Bouza

Residence Life CoordinatorSalina Department of Housing
Kelly CarricoCoordinator of Academic Career Advising CenterSalina Academic Career Advising Center

Wayne Charney

Associate ProfessorArchitecture

Jason Coleman

Assistant ProfessorLibrary
Josephine CrawfordAssociate ProfessorLibrary

Becky DeGreeff

Assistant ProfessorSalina Arts, Science, and Business
Lauren EdelmanAssistant Coordinator
K-State First
New Student Services
Gregory EiseleinProfessorEnglish
Andrea FeldkampCoordinatorHuman Ecology Dean's Office
Verna FitzsimmonsCEO-Dean-ProfessorTechnology & Aviation 

John Fliter

Associate ProfessorPolitical Science

Melia Fritch

Assistant ProfessorLibrary
Heather GeneraliGraduate StudentHuman Ecology

Judy Gordon

Assistant ProfessorArchitecture

Sue Guzek

InstructorSalina Arts, Science, and Business

Soo-Hye Han

Assistant ProfessorCommunication Studies
Teresa HartmanInstructorSalina Arts, Science, and Business

Heather Healy


Brooks Hetle

Residence CoordinatorHousing and Dining
Carol HockersmithSenior Administrative AssistantHuman Ecology Dean's Office
JohnElla HolmesInstructorSpecial Education Counseling and Student Affairs

Amber Howells

InstructorHospitality Management and Dietetics

Shawna Jordan

Research Assistant ProfessorHuman Nutrition

Siny Joseph

Assistant ProfessorSalina Arts, Sciences, & Business

Christina Kitson

InstructorInternational Programs

Deborah Kohl

Program CoordinatorAgricultural Economics

Crystal Lenz


Brian Lindshield

Assistant ProfessorHuman Nutrition

Laurel Littrell


Cindy Logan

Assistant ProfessorLibrary

Mindy Markham

Assistant ProfessorSalina Arts, Sciences, & Business

Molly Milota

Graduate StudentCounseling and Student Development

Bryan Orthel

Assistant ProfessorApparel Textiles and Interior Design

Greg Paul

Assistant ProfessorCommunication Studies

Karen Pence

Assistant DeanHuman Ecology
Shelly RichardsonLibrary AssistantLibrary
Sarah RiforgiateAssistant ProfessorCommunication Studies

Kevin Roberts

Associate ProfessorHospitality Management and Dietetics
Sara RosenkranzAssistant ProfessorHuman Nutrition

Kristina Snyder

InstructorKansas Industrial Extension Service
David ThompsonAssistant ProfessorFamily Studies and Human Services

Ellen Urton

Associate ProfessorLibrary

Emily Vaterlaus

Graduate StudentHuman Ecology

Scott Velasquez

CoordinatorEducation and Personal Development
Don Von BergenDepartment HeadSalina Arts, Sciences, & Business

Han Wen

Graduate StudentHuman Ecology

Julie Wright

Assistant ProfessorLibrary