(Wildcats of Weird Science)

WOWS is a community service program ASME organizes working in public schools introducing elementary students to mathematics, science, and engineering. These subjects are abstract to the average elementary student. By using, fun activities and concrete examples, we bring these difficult concepts down to their level. Students are given examples of projects an typical engineer (in particular a mechanical engineer) would work on and the tools an engineer uses. Students are then allowed an opportunity to use their creativity and intuition to solve mock engineering problems appropriate for their age level. Prizes are awarded to all whole participate and it is emphasized that in engineering there are several correct answers. The main goals of WOWS are to provide outreach to the community, introduce elementary students to engineering, and to demonstrate that engineering is fun.

[Gabbie Guerre explains science concepts to an elementary school class.]

Want more info? Contact: Sean Nielson
WOWS leader
(785) 817-1024

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