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Halloween Party: Same place and time October 29. Bring friends and dress up.

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Website Last year (*!!MAKE SURE TO OPEN LINK IN A NEW WINDOW!!*)


What is amigurumi? It is a style of crochet created by the Japanese. It uses the same techniques ar crochet but amigurumi revolves around making anything and everything cute and it requires making very very tight stitches so the stuffing stays inside. Which is accomplished by using a smaller hook then the yarn company recommends. Iv spend about a year off and on teaching myself knitting and crochet. Iv made a scarf and a pair of gloves. I proffer crochet to knitting: knitting is expensive because each project may need a specific needle size and type (circulars or double points), which all depends on the tension with which you knit, which is hard for a beginner to figure out. Crochet is not as expensive as knitting because there is only one hook to use for almost the entire project. While amigurumies require one hook and only a little bit of yarn.

I'll post some links that helped me lean how to start crocheting in my next update. But for now enjoy the images.



Guess who

Much Cuter then they are tasty

Kawaii Kappa!

A kick ass Dragon

The legendary amigurumi breakfast

Adorable cupcake

*sings*Tottoro, tottoro.

Oh and these fingerless gloves are kind of cool too!!

Update 03-20-09

We watched:
Monster ep 8
Toradora ep 8
Macross Frontier ep 20

All of the series were really interesting. I highly recomend you watch them just ofr the entertainment value. Especialy Macross Frontier: it was an AWSOME EPISODE!! Watch it or you will have no idea what is going on in the next episode!!

Worst Horse Race Announcer @ Yahoo! Video

Update 03-07-09

Hey guys, I'm trying to clear up some CSS coding issues so some links and images will be missing for a little while. To night in club we watched:


Macross Frontier

Tora Dora

The activity was watching Watchman clips to get us all pumped up to see it after club. Everyone saw it in all of its glowing blue naked glory!

Club youtube account-weekely youtube award!!

Ok, so we decided since everyone likes, that making youtube a club account would be a good way to keep track of the groups recommendations. The accounts name is KSUAnimeClub. Please send links and comments there and every week I will pick a new winner from the suggestions. The winning video will be played in club.