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Advanced Manufacturing Institute

AMI Assists with Launch of New Aircraft Security Device

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University recently assisted AirLock Aviation Security Systems, Vienna, Ohio, with the launch of AirLock, a new electronic access control system for aircraft.

"AirLock is an innovative access control system that enables controlled access to a specified area of an aircraft and provides the ability to create an audit trail of all events," said Bret Lanz, commercialization manager at the Advanced Manufacturing Institute, also known as AMI.

"AirLock cylinders are a direct replacement for existing mechanical locks, and the entire system can be installed in a matter of hours," Lanz said. "The system is comprised of three individual components: lock cylinder, programmable key and the software used to control the system. The power to open the cylinder is delivered from the battery located in the key. The AirLock cylinders do not contain a keyway and cannot be picked like a traditional mechanical lock. It is not possible to duplicate a key for use in the lock; although multiple keys can be programmed to access a given lock, each key creates its own unique record of events."

K-State's Advanced Manufacturing Institute assisted AirLock with the development of a comprehensive business and marketing plan, branding and the required part drawings, Lanz said.

"AMI also assisted with product development and the testing required to obtain Federal Aviation Administration approval," he said.

"The Advanced Manufacturing Institute went to great lengths to ensure the marketplace success of AirLock," said Richard Hale, president and chief executive officer of AirLock Aviation Security Systems. "They were a valuable resource during our early stage market assessments and in determining our most effective market launch strategies.

Additionally, the institute's engineering resources were of great service during our FAA certification efforts. We look forward to continuing our relationship with AMI."

More information on the Airlock is available at http://www.airlocksecurity.com