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Advanced Manufacturing Institute

Seat Belt Convincers by Advanced Manufacturing Institute Help Show Using Seat Belts Important to People Across Nation, Around World

(Manhattan, Kan., July 9, 2007) - The Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University is helping to improve seat belt safety all over the world with its Seat Belt Convincer.

The educational device safely simulates the impact of a 5-mph vehicle collision so users can experience the value of wearing a seat belt.

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute began production of the Seat Belt Convincer in 2002 by assisting the Kansas Highway Patrol with development of the device as a way to promote seat belt safety across the state. Since then, the institute has sold more than 40 units to state and local law enforcement agencies, military groups and private companies. The Convincers are custom-built so buyers may choose the colors and include their logo or other specific details to meet their needs.

Recently, the North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Association purchased multiple units for placement throughout the state as part of its "Click It or Ticket" program.

"We feel that using Convincers to help teach seat belt safety provides a unique opportunity," said Beth Horner, association member. "It allows officers to interact with the audience, which builds a lasting impression. I cannot think of a better way to make someone realize the value of proper seat belt use."

Several other state organizations in Illinois, Missouri, Nevada and New York, among others, have used the Seat Belt Convincer in public safety campaigns. Convincers are used in demonstrations at state and county fairs, automotive shows, highway safety programs, high schools and other events to increase awareness of seat belt safety. Various companies, like State Farm Insurance, also have contributed to such campaigns by purchasing a convincer.

Sales of the Seat Belt Convincer also have started to expand overseas. A number of international companies have purchased Convincers to educate their employees on the importance of buckling up. The Advanced Manufacturing Institute's distribution network includes a Pacific Rim and Middle Eastern distributor called the Safety and Injury Prevention Company.

Along with the commercial success of the Convincer, many K-State students have been able to gain marketing experience through the Advanced Manufacturing Institute's intern program.

"Our interns have been instrumental in the development of the marketing plan, brochure and Web site to promote the Convincer," said Bret Lanz, the institute's commercialization manager. "It has been a great project to provide them real-world, hands-on experience."

More information on the Seat Belt Convincer is available at http://www.seatbeltconvincer.com