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Arthropod Genomics Center

2015 Symposium Organizing Committee

At Kansas State University:

  • Susan J. Brown, Chair, Division of Biology and Director, Arthropod Genomics Center
  • Kristin Michel, Division of Biology
  • Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan, Department of Biochemistry
  • Yoonseong Park, Department of Entomology
  • Gregory Ragland, Department of Entomology
  • Anna Whitfield, Department of Plant Pathology


At University of Notre Dame: 

  • Mary Ann McDowell, Department of Biological Sciences,  Eck Institute for Global Health
  • Molly Duman-Scheel, Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend, Eck Institute for Global Health


At University of Illinois: 

  • Hugh Robertson, Department of Entomology


  • Parking info: Posted to Travel Tips webpage

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