Arthropod Genomics Seed Grants Funded 2008

Proposer Name, Department/Division Title
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Amount Funded Year 1
Year 2
Yasayuki Arakane, Biochemistry Functional genomics of insect cuticle proteins and their roles in stabilization of the exoskeleton $49,311
12 months
49,311 -
Theodore J. Morgan, Biology A quantitative genomic approach to QTL mapping

24 months

59,800 32,598
John C. Reese and Ming-Shun Chen, Entomology Functional genomics of insect biotype development $39,750
24 months
27,000 12,750

Xiaoyan Tang, Plant Pathology
Gerald Reeck, Biochemistry
John Reese, Entomology
Frank White, Plant Pathology

Functional genomics and analysis of greenbug secreted salivary protein genes: Development of tools for the aphids and other phloem-feeding insects

24 months

60,000 60,000
Tonia Von Ohlen, Biology Identification of transcriptional targets of the homeodomain transcription factors Ind and Vnd

12 months

60,000 -