Arthropod Genomics Seed Grants Funded 2006

Proposer Name, Department/Division Title
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Amount Funded Year 1
Year 2
Christopher Culbertson, Chemistry
Gerald Reeck, Biochemistry
The Aphid Salivary Secretome: Genomics-based Approaches $55,190 12 months
Srini Kambhampati, Entomology Resource development for termite genomics $55,000
24 months
$55,000 -
Anna Whitfield, Plant Pathology
Dorith Rotenberg, Plant Pathology
Developing genomics tools for Frankliniella occidentalis $43,169
24 months
$17,734 $25,435
Kun Yan Zhu, Entomology
Lawrence Buschman, Entomology
Ming-Shun Chen, Entomology
Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan,
Development of an Insect Gut-Specific DNA Microarray to Assess Genomic Responses to Bt Toxins $82,000
24 months
$47,000 $35,000