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If you're not sure who your advisor is, log in to your KSIS Student Center. Go to "Program Advisor" and click "Details" to view their contact information.

Examples for General and Sensitive Notes in KSIS



Student has not had a math class in five years and is concerned about ability to succeed. Discussed importance of starting math sequence ASAP. I suggested s/he obtain a tutor right from the beginning of the semester.Student said s/he is not proficient at math and is avoiding it.
Student dropped DAS 100.Student reported s/he dropped DAS 100 due to perceived unfair grading policies of instructor.
Referred to financial aid counselor.First generation college student. Widowed mother. No financial support from family.
Student wanted it noted that he missed two weeks of classes as a result of hospitalization. Referred s/he to Office of Student Life.Student missed two weeks of classes because of hospitalization for cancer treatment.
Student may be overextended with classes, work, and activities. Suggested s/he reduce work/activity hours and if stress continues, suggested making an appointment at Counseling Services.Student is working 30-40 hours a week and said s/he is feeling overwhelmed.
Student requested tutoring support.  Referred to Academic Assistance Center and www.k-state.edu/tutoring.Student said s/he was in financial and academic distress.  Referred student to financial aid to speak with his financial aid
advisor, reviewed tutoring site and suggested the student go to the Academic Assistance Center.
Reminded student to make appointment well in advance of her registration date for Summer and Fall.Student calls to schedule advising appointments long after enrollment date each semester which causes problems when picking classes. Suggested student call for an appointment at least two weeks before enrollment.
Student wants to enroll in 18 hours. Cautioned regarding heavy academic load.Student wanted to enroll in 18 hours. I suggested s/he enroll in fewer hours to improve GPA, but if s/he chose to enroll in 18 hours, I informed s/he of 100% refund dates.
Referred student to Student Access Center.Student revealed s/he has ADHD and a learning disability. Referred to Student Access Center.