Kansas State University

Undergraduate Admissions

Procedures for Post-Baccalaureate Minors


Effective August 1, 2011, the online Undergraduate Application for Admission will offer the option of applying for a minor to any applicant who answers both of these questions in the following manner:

These applicants will then be asked the following question:

Applicants will then choose from the full list of minors available at Kansas State University, but the menu will indicate which minors are available to all post-baccalaureate students (i.e. Nuclear Engineering), and which minors are available to only Kansas State University graduates.


There will be help links provided next to questions 2 & 3 above which will provide more detailed information about the post-baccalaureate minor policy as stated in Kansas State University’s Undergraduate Catalog.


Which students have to be admitted or readmitted to the undergraduate program to pursue a post-baccalaureate minor, and what fees will they have to pay?*



*Note: Current K-State undergraduate students who have been academically admitted to K-State and want to add a minor to their existing coursework should not use the admissions application to declare a minor. If interested in completing a minor, these students should consult their advisor and follow the traditional procedures for declaring a minor as outlined by the Registrar’s office.




Applicants to post-baccalaureate minor programs must be academically admitted based on the standard admissions requirements for special non-degree seeking students. Students may also be provisionally admitted to enroll in a maximum of 15 total credit hours at Kansas State University, but in order to continue their enrollment beyond the 15 hour limit, they must first meet all admissions requirements.


Proof of degree completion will not be required for admission. It will be verified during the approval process (carried out by the minor program directors) at the end of the minor's completion.


For admission purposes, we will evaluate transcripts for academic admissibility if they're here when the application arrives. If transcripts are not here when the app is received, we will provisionally admit these students as non-degree seeking students limited to 15 credit hours, and we will request that a transcript be sent. Enrollment holds will be placed on these records as they approach 15 credit hours at KSU and the appropriate transcript(s) are not here.


Students admitted to post-baccalaureate minors will be designated in iSIS with a sub-plan. This sub-plan will end in either “KS” or “EX”:


KS – is or will be a K-State graduate prior to being awarded the minor

EX – is or will be an “External” graduate prior to being awarded the minor


Example: Nuclear Engineering Minor


If the student has received their bachelor’s degree from K-State:

Program:            ENUND                  Engineering Undergraduate – Non-Degree Seeking

Plan:                  RNUEN                  Minor - Nuclear Engineering

Sub-plan:            RNUENKS             Post-Baccalaureate (K-State)


If the student has received their bachelor’s degree from somewhere other than K-State:

Program:             ENUND                 Engineering Undergraduate – Non-Degree Seeking

Plan:                   RNUEN                 Minor - Nuclear Engineering

Sub-Plan:            RNUENEX             External Degree


Enrollment and advising


Students who are admitted to post-baccalaureate minors will not be assessed advising flag service indicators and will not be assigned advisors in iSIS. When students are notified of their admission, they will also be reminded to consult their minor program director for advising assistance if they have not already done so.


Transfer Credit


Up to six hours of transfer courses may be used for a minor. Prerequisites and requisites associated with minors must be followed and students must earn the minimum GPA set by the minor program.


Official college transcripts should be sent to:


Office of Admissions

Kansas State University

119 Anderson Hall

Manhattan, KS 66506-0102

Fax: 785-532-6393


Once official transcripts are received by the Office of Admissions, transfer credit be entered into DARS and evaluated for their minor. Minor program directors may contact Admissions if there are questions regarding transfer credit.


For questions regarding transcripts or general questions about the post-baccalaureate minor application process, please contact the Office of Admissions at 785-532-6250 or k-state@k-state.edu.