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K-State Equivalent Courses (sorted by KSU Course).
    COURSE             TITLE                         COURSE             TITLE                       FROM   TO
    MLAR101        BEG ARABIC I                      ARAB -1:**
    MLAR102        BEG ARABIC II                     ARAB -1:**
    BIOL121        BIOLOGICAL PRIN I                 BIOL 198       PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY
    BIOL122        BIOLOGICAL PRIN II                BIOL -1:**
    BIOL231        MICROBIOLOGY                      BIOL -2:**
    CHEM151        GEN CHEMISTRY I                   CHM  210       CHEMISTRY 1
    CHEM152        GEN CHEMISTRY II                  CHM  230       CHEMISTRY 2
    MLCH101        BEG CHINESE I                     CHINE-1:**
    MLCH102        BEG CHINESE II                    CHINE-1:**
    ECON201        PRIN ECON I (MACRO)               ECON 110       PRIN/MACROECONOMICS
    ECON202        PRIN ECON II (MICRO)              ECON 120       PRIN/MICROECONOMICS
    ENGL101        ENGLISH COMP I                    ENGL 100       EXPOSITORY WRITING 1
    ENGL102        ENGLISH COMP II                   ENGL 200       EXPOSITORY WRITING 2
    MLFR101        BEG FRENCH I                      FREN -1:**
    MLFR102        BEG FRENCH II                     FREN -1:**
    HIST103        US HISTORY I                      HIST 251       HIST US TO 1877
    HIST104        US HISTORY II                     HIST 252       HIST US SINCE 1877
    MLLT101        BEG LATIN I                       LATIN-1:**
    MLLT102        BEG LATIN II                      LATIN-1:**
    MATH0101       FUNDAMENTALS OF MATH              NO TRANSFER
    MATH101        INTRO ALGEBRA                     NO TRANSFER
    MATH112        INTERM ALGEBRA & TRIG             MATH 010       INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA
    MATH131        INTRO STATISTICS                  STAT 325       INTRO TO STATISTICS            20072 99999
    MATH203        COLL ALGEBRA                      MATH 100       COLLEGE ALGEBRA
    MATH217        PRECALCULUS                       MATH -1:**
    MATH221        CALCULUS I                        MATH 220       ANALY GEOM & CALC 1
    MATH222        CALCULUS II                       MATH 221       ANALY GEOM & CALC 2
    MATH223        CALCULUS III                      MATH 222       ANALY GEOM & CALC 3
    PHYS151        GEN PHYSICS I                     PHYS 113       GENERAL PHYSICS 1
    PHYS152        GEN PHYSICS II                    PHYS 114       GENERAL PHYSICS 2
    PHYS161        GEN PHYSICS I (CALC BSD)          PHYS -2:**
    PHYS162        GEN PHYSICS II (CALC BSD)         PHYS -2:**
    GOVT104        AMER NATL GOVT                    POLSC115       U S POLITICS                   20125 99999
    MLPO101        BEG PORTUGUESE I                  PORT -1:**
    MLPO102        BEG PORTUGUESE II                 PORT -1:**
    PSYC101        GEN PSYCHOLOGY                    PSYCH110       GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY
    SOCI104        PRIN SOCIOLOGY                    SOCIO211       INTRO SOCIOLOGY
    MLSP101        BEG SPANISH I                     SPAN -1:**
    MLSP102        BEG SPANISH II                    SPAN -1:**
    SPCH105        SPEECH COMMUNICATION              COMM 106       PUBLIC SPEAKING 1              20092 99999

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