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K-State Equivalent Courses (sorted by KSU Course).
         AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE (TX)                   KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY                    EFFECTIVE
    COURSE             TITLE                         COURSE             TITLE                       FROM   TO
    ART 2000       ART APPRECIATION                  ART  -1:**
    ARTS1301       INTRO VIS ARTS                    ART  -1:**
    BIOL1010       GEN BIOLOGY                       BIOL -1:**
    BIOL1408       INTRO BIOLOGY                     BIOL 198       PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY
    BUSG2371       BUSINESS STAT                     STAT 350       BUS ECON STAT 1
    BUSI1301       INTRO TO BUSINESS                 GENBA101       BUSINESS ORIENTATION
    BUSO1520       EXCEL - LEV 1                     CIS  -1:**
    BUSO1523       EXCEL - LEV 2                     CIS  -1:**
    CCM 1820       INTRO COMPUTER                    CIS  -1:**
    CHEM1305       INTRO CHEM I LECTURE              CHEM -1:00
    CHEM1111       GEN CHEM I LC & LB                CHM  210       CHEMISTRY 1
    CHEM1112       GEN CHEM II LC & LB               CHM  230       CHEMISTRY 2
    CHEM1411       GEN CHEMISTRY I                   CHM  210       CHEMISTRY 1
    CHEM1412       GEN CHEMISTRY II                  CHM  230       CHEMISTRY 2
    DEVR1313       READING SKILLS II                 TRANS-0:**
    ECO 1623       PRIN MICRO ECO                    ECON 120       PRIN/MICROECONOMICS
    ECO 1633       PRIN MACRO ECO                    ECON 110       PRIN/MACROECONOMICS
    ECON2301       PRIN MACROECON                    ECON 110       PRIN/MACROECONOMICS
    ECON2302       PRIN MICROECON                    ECON 120       PRIN/MICROECONOMICS
    EDUC3040       FOUND INSTR TECH                  TRANS-2:**
    EDUC3100       FOUND EDUCATION                   TRANS-2:**
    EDUC4030       READING REMEDIATION               TRANS-2:**
    EDUC4080       CLASSRM ORG & MGMT                TRANS-2:**
    EDUC4410       STUDENT TCHNG: ELEM               TRANS-2:**
    EDUC4510       STU TCHNG: MIDDLE SCH             TRANS-2:**
    EDUC4910       SEM ON TEACHING                   TRANS-2:**
    ENG 1613       COMPOSITION I                     ENGL 100       EXPOSITORY WRITING 1
    ENG 1623       COMPOSITION II                    ENGL 200       EXPOSITORY WRITING 2
    ENGL0103       INTRO LIT                         ENGL -2:**
    ENGL0132       MOD AMER NOVEL                    ENGL -2:**
    ENGL1301       ENGLISH COMP I                    ENGL 100       EXPOSITORY WRITING 1
    ENGL1302       ENGLISH COMP II                   ENGL 200       EXPOSITORY WRITING 2
    ENGL2010       WORLD LIT                         ENGL -2:**
    ENVT1820       ENVT DISCHARGE ANALYSIS           TRANS-1:**
    ENVT1860       PRODUCT ANALYSIS                  TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2000       ENVT TECH I                       TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2001       ENVT TECH II                      TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2102       ENVT REGULATIONS                  TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2201       APPL PHYSICS                      PHYS -1:**
    ENVT2300       AIR/WATER/WASTE                   TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2301       QA MANUAL                         TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2501       LAB DATA REPT                     TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2910       INTERNSHIP I                      TRANS-1:**
    ENVT2911       INTERNSHIP II                     TRANS-1:**
    FREN1511       FRENCH I                          FREN 111       FRENCH 1
    FREN1512       FRENCH II                         FREN 112       FRENCH 2
    GEOG1010       PHYS GEOGRAPHY                    GEOG -1:**
    GEOG1303       WORLD & REG GEOG                  GEOG 100       WORLD REGIONAL GEOG
    GEOL3450       OCEANOGRAPHY                      TRANS-2:**
    GERM1511       GERMAN I                          GRMN 121       GERMAN 1
    GERM1512       GERMAN II                         GRMN 122       GERMAN 2
    GOVT2305       US GOVT                           POLSC115       U S POLITICS                   20125 99999
    GSAL1875       INTER RELATIONS                   TRANS-1:**
    GSCM1800       WRITTEN COMM                      ENGL 100       EXPOSITORY WRITING 1
    GSNA1820       TECH AMTH I                       TRANS-1:**
    HHP 3190       RHYTHMS,PLAYS,GAMES               TRANS-2:**
    HIST1301       US HISTORY I                      HIST 251       HIST US TO 1877
    HIST1302       US HISTORY II                     HIST 252       HIST US SINCE 1877
    HIS 1613       US HISTORY I                      HIST 251       HIST US TO 1877
    HLTH1120       FIRST AID                         TRANS-1:**
    HPRS1206       MED TERM                          NO TRANSFER
    HUDE0111       TRANSITN COLL                     TRANS-0:**
    JAPN1511       JAPANESE I                        JAPAN191       JAPANESE 1
    JAPN1512       JAPANESE II                       JAPAN192       JAPANESE 2
    LATI1511       LATIN I                           LATIN141       LATIN 1
    LATI1512       LATIN II                          LATIN142       LATIN 2
    LFTS1100       QUALITY CONTROL                   TRANS-1:**
    LING4050       ENGLISH GRAMMAR & USAGE           TRANS-1:**
    MATD0102       DEVELOP MATH                      NO TRANSFER
    MATD0290       INTERM ALGEBRA                    MATH 010       INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA
    MATD0390       INTERM ALGEBRA                    MATH 010       INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA
    MATD0330       BASIC MATH SKILLS                 NO TRANSFER
    MATD0370       ELEM ALGEBRA                      NO TRANSFER
    MATH1314       COLLEGE ALGEBRA                   MATH 100       COLLEGE ALGEBRA
    MATH1316       PLANE TRIGONOMETRY                MATH 150       PLANE TRIGONOMETRY
    MATH1342       ELEM STATISTICS                   STAT 325       INTRO TO STATISTICS            20072 99999
    MATH2110       STRUCTURE MATH SYST               MATH -1:**
    MATH2120       STRUCTURE MATH SYST               MATH -1:**
    MATH2414       CALCULUS II                       MATH 221       ANALY GEOM & CALC 2
    MATH2413       CALCULUS I                        MATH 220       ANALY GEOM & CALC 1
    MATH2413       CALCULUS I                        MATH 220       ANALY GEOM & CALC 1
    MATH2415       CALCULUS III                      MATH 222       ANALY GEOM & CALC 3
    MATH4100       MATH CONCEPTS DEV                 MATH -2:**
    MUS 2000       MUSIC APPRECIATION                MUSIC-1:**
    PHYS1401       GEN COLL PHYSICS I                PHYS 113       GENERAL PHYSICS 1
    PHYS1402       GEN COLL PHYSICS II               PHYS 114       GENERAL PHYSICS 2
    PHYS2425       ENGG PHYSICS I                    PHYS -2:**
    PHYS2426       ENGG PHYSICS II                   PHYS -2:**
    PSY 3110       HUMAN DEV CHILD & ADOLES          PSYCH-2:**
    PSY 3130       EDUC PSYCHOLOGY                   PSYCH-2:**
    PSY 3280       TEST & MEASUREMENT                PSYCH-2:**
    PSYC2301       INTRO PSYCHOLOGY                  PSYCH110       GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY
    RDG 4020       TCHNG READING ELEM SCHL           TRANS-2:**
    RUSS1511       RUSSIAN I                         RUSSN149       RUSSIAN 1L
                                                 AND RUSSN151       RUSSIAN 1
    RUSS1512       RUSSIAN II                        RUSSN150       RUSSIAN 2L
                                                 AND RUSSN152       RUSSIAN 2
    SCI 1801       LAB SAFETY                        TRANS-1:**
    SCI 1821       INORGANIC CHEM I                  CHM  -2:**
    SCI 1824       INST ANALYSIS LAB                 TRANS-1:**
    SCI 1828       INORGANIC CHEMISTRY II-L          CHM  -2:**
    SCI 1831       MICROBIOLOGY I                    BIOL -4:**
    SCI 1833       MICROBIOLOGY III                  BIOL -2:**
    SCI 1854       CHEMICAL CALCULATIONS             CHM  -1:**
    SCI 3020       LIFE & PHY SCIENCE I              TRANS-2:**
    SCIN1102       CHEM LECTURE                      CHM  -1:**
    SCIN2301       APPL LAB CALC                     TRANS-2:**
    SMGT1020       LEADERSHIP DVLPMT                 TRANS-1:**
    SMGT1430       EMPLOYMENT LAW                    TRANS-1:**
    SOCI1301       INTRO SOCIOLOGY                   SOCIO211       INTRO SOCIOLOGY
    SOC 1613       INTRO TO SOC                      SOCIO211       INTRO SOCIOLOGY
    SPAN1511       SPANISH I                         SPAN 161       SPANISH 1
    SPAN1512       SPANISH II                        SPAN 162       SPANISH 2
    SPCH0101       FUND SPEECH                       COMM 106       PUBLIC SPEAKING 1              20092 99999
    SPCH0104       INTERPERS COMM                    COMM -1:**                                    20092 99999
    SPCH1315       FUND PUBLIC SPEAKING              COMM 106       PUBLIC SPEAKING 1              20092 99999
    SPCH1311       INTRO SPEECH COMM                 COMM 106       PUBLIC SPEAKING 1              20092 99999
    SPED2300       DEV OF ATYPICAL CHILDREN          TRANS-2:**

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