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Wade Gutierrez

Psychology and Pre-Med major from Belleville, KS

Exceeding expectations

The professors at K-State have truly surpassed any expectations that I had for my educational experience in college. As a whole, the professors I’ve interacted with either through my campus job or in class have been so passionate about what they are teaching. They care so much about the quality of education that we are getting here and about each individual student’s experience.

Even in my large lecture classes, the professors still encourage every student to come to their office or to talk to them after class about any questions they may have.

Choosing a Major

I decided to switch majors from Spanish to Psychology around 3/4 of the way through last semester. Over the past couple of years, I have become increasingly interested in the functions of the human mind. The decision to switch was catalyzed by input and support from friends and advisors. My goal is to one day become a doctor, and as such, I will be interacting with patients daily. I believe I will be able to serve my patients in a more holistic fashion by having a greater understanding of how the mind works. My "go to" advice for anyone who is searching for the right major is, first and foremost, to pursue your passions. Over the course of my college career, I have grown and changed, and so many of my passions and, consequently, my majors have as well. Don't be afraid to switch majors if your current one isn't the right fit!

Finding balance

When I came to college, a huge challenge that I faced was figuring out how to balance schoolwork, organizational meetings and a job and still have time for a social life. I had been pretty good at balancing all of my obligations and managing my time in high school, but college life is definitely different. I have a lot more freedom during the day between classes and really had to learn to use my time wisely and prioritize what needed to get done first. My personal calendar is now my best friend. It keeps me on track and helps me remember meetings and due dates so I can also fit in free time at night or on weekends to spend with my friends.

Going Greek

I knew quite a few of the guys in my fraternity before I chose to join the house. After I visited it a couple times and spent time meeting other members and really learning about their values and interests, I knew that it was the right fraternity for me. I was extended a bid to join, and I gladly accepted.

The depth of relationships that are present in my fraternity was something that I had not expected. The guys have really challenged me to grow academically, spiritually, socially and physically. These four aspects are some that our fraternity emphasizes in our lives and helps to provide us with the tools to develop in these areas.

Campus job

When I came to K-State in the fall, I spent time watching, learning and assisting a professor in her research lab. It eventually developed into a paid position, and now I am staying in Manhattan over the summer to help with the research. I’ve always loved asking questions and science, so the research lab really combines the best of both worlds for me. Someday I would like to go to medical school so this research is a really great experience to help prepare me for my future. I think the fact that K-State allows students to get involved with something so influential as a freshman is one of the things that makes our university so special.

Becoming a Wildcat

I was considering three different schools when I was trying to decide on a college to attend. I’d been to K-State a few times before, but my first official campus visit at a university was here at K-State. The warm and welcoming atmosphere surrounding the campus and the actual size and closeness of the campus buildings were things that stood out from the moment I arrived.

On my visit I got to meet the professor that I now do my research for and was able to see all of the opportunities that K-State could offer me as a student. It was a combination of all of the factors, like the campus itself, the research opportunities, the passion K-State students and professors have for the university, and many other little aspects that helped me realize that K-State would be an overall great fit for me.

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