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Stephen Leu

Stephen Leu

Family Studies and Human Services major from Andover, KS

Going Greek

Being in a fraternity allows you to start off at K-State with 60 instant friends, as well as the non-Greek friends you will make once you arrive. Being Greek lets me be part of something bigger than myself and have a positive effect on my university. 

Purple Pride

No other university rocks purple as much as we do. When I was visiting other schools in high school, there were different colleges represented all around the same campus. When I came here, all I saw was purple. It is really evident after sporting events, win or lose, that people love K-State.

Time management

In my calendar I set aside specific times to study every day. Having that time allows me to keep up with my classes and have a regular study schedule. When I came to college I also had to learn to say no to groups and activities and to prioritize my time.

Manhattan and K-State

The city of Manhattan isn’t a large city. Because of this, the university attracts down-to-earth people who care about both the city and college. Manhattan residents and business owners support K-State, and K-State supports the community it calls home. 

Finding a Major

When I came to K-State, I wanted to major in secondary education or family studies. As I pursued ministry as a profession, I saw education as a viable option, but I knew it was also my safety net and a substitute to learning more about people rather than how to teach them valuable life skills. So I switched to Family Studies and Human Services, and I've been learning about myself, others, and how to better serve others ever since. If you're an incoming freshman unsure about what to major in, you're in a very scary situation. I know cause I've been there. However, you're not alone. 20% of incoming freshmen choose a program called Open Option for a maximum of their first 2 years here at K-State. The open option program allowed me to explore both majors before making a decision. Once I finally chose, I was able to have all of those classes I took count toward my current major and actually place me academically equivalent to the other students that chose to pursue a major at the beginning and stick with it.

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