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Nathan Laudan

Nathan Laudan

Food science and industry and agricultural communications and journalism major from Paola, KS

Choosing K-State

One of the big reasons I came to K-State was because of my involvement growing up in FFA and 4-H. In high school I looked at other universities, but after visiting K-State and witnessing the family atmosphere firsthand, I knew this was where I needed to go, especially for my chosen major in food science. 

Choosing a major

When I first came to K-State I wanted to take food science and industry to prepare myself for medical school. I thought that it would give me a different advantage for my medical school application and would be a great story to tell. The introduction course in food science showed me the variety of careers I could have, and I knew that I wanted to stick with it.

Campus pride

The campus pride is one of the biggest things that sold me on K-State. There is always so much purple on campus, even when it isn’t a game day. Everyone here really is family and there are always opportunities to make connections with other students as well as faculty and staff.

Time management

Each semester I put all my events from my classes and organizations in my cell phone’s calendar. I get notifications about upcoming events about tests and meetings weeks in advance so I can be prepared. My calendar really helps me visualize what is coming up. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

City of Manhattan

K-State and Manhattan really go hand in hand with one another. It is so incredible to see the relationship between the two. The connection between Manhattan and K-State is something that you can’t find anywhere else.

K-State family

Being a part of the K-State family means being a part of a high-energy student body that presents tailored opportunities for each individual. There are no limits for where the university can take you.

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