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Luke Dinkel

Mechanical engineering major from Garden City, KS

Choosing K-State

I haven’t always been a K-State fan, and when it came time to begin exploring colleges, K-State wasn’t my top choice. My older brother, who attends K-State, talked me into coming for a campus visit. That visit sold me. Walking on campus, students smiled at me, helped me get where I was headed, and were excited to be at K-State and to have me there, too. K-State truly took an interest in getting me to attend school here, but more important, and what continues to exceed my expectations, is the fact that two years later, they still care about keeping me here.

Going Greek

K-State has a very strong Greek community, so I was excited to become a part of it. When I arrived at K-State, I automatically had a whole group of friends in my fraternity who were experiencing or who had previously experienced all the new and exciting things I was going through as an incoming freshman. Being Greek has led to so many opportunities, connections and experiences on and off campus that I don’t think I would have had without joining my fraternity.

Getting involved

You hear it all the time, but it’s true: There are so many ways to get involved at K-State. There is literally something for everyone here. I’ve found a place where I can fit in, and still have an impact. I stayed in touch with my admissions rep freshman year, and she helped me find organizations that fit my interests.

Campus life

One place I’d make sure I showed students on a campus visit is Hale Library. We’re lucky to have such a huge library that is located in the center of campus. It’s perfect for group meetings, doing research, studying for exams or even taking a quick nap — yes, I’ve done that. Freshman year, the week before my first final exams, I spent basically the whole week in Hale Library studying alone and with friends.

Major decisions

There’s kind of a joke that when you’re a little kid playing with Legos and you made your own thing instead of following directions, you’re meant to be an engineer. That was me. I love taking things apart and putting them back together. After visiting K-State and talking with engineering professors, I knew for sure it was the major for me. I absolutely love my classes, and the professors within my department really invest in our education and work to make sure we understand the material.

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