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Lauren Meis

Elementary education major from Salina, KS

Going Greek

One moment I will never forget from my time here at K-State was bid night during sorority recruitment. I found out I had gotten the sorority that I had really wanted and finally got to meet all of my new sisters. I knew it was the right house for me based on the girls I talked to during the week, and the beliefs and values the sorority was based on matched and complimented my own beliefs.

The support and relationships I’ve gained through being in the sorority have helped me in my college career and I know they will continue to be there for me even after I’ve graduated.

Born a Wildcat

I ended up here at K-State for a number of reasons. Both of my parents graduated from K-State, so my love for this university was kind of in my blood from day one. Beyond that though, I wanted to try out to be a twirler here. The K-State band has such a positive reputation for its hard work and dedication to supporting our school that I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I also chose K-State because the education program here is very strong, and that’s what I’ve always wanted to major in. All of the reasons why I would choose a college came together, and I found a perfect fit at K-State.

Res hall life

I love meeting new people so moving into the residence halls was very exciting for me. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know and become close to all the girls living on the same floor as me. It was nice to come to K-State and have a place that makes you feel welcome and to be there experiencing college for the first time with people who are in the same shoes as you. The support system that living in the residence halls provides you as an incoming freshman is very helpful as you’re adjusting to the new atmosphere and way of life.

Major decisions

As a young girl, I was always “playing school” at home. I’ve always enjoyed doing homework, going to class, and just learning new things in general. I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in education in college. I chose to focus on math because it is something that I excel at and enjoy.

Last semester I took a math course as part of the requirements for my education degree, and it really helped confirm my decision to major in education. The teacher had a passion for education and helping students that reminded me of my own

Exceeding expectations

I definitely expected great things coming into K-State, but I’d have to say that everything has really exceeded the expectations I had. The K-State family cares about you coming here, and once you’re here, they continue to care about the experience you’re having.

Even in the large lectures, the teachers care about the success of their students. The sporting events and fan base is also second to none in my opinion. As a twirler, it is so refreshing to see the stadiums packed full of K-State fans who are all there, rain or shine, supporting their team.

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