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Lanping Zheng

Lanping Zheng

Advertising major from Jiangmen, China

Res hall life

One of the things I most remember about the residence halls my freshman year was hanging out with my roommate. She was a great person and introduced me to a lot of people. I met a lot of cool people in the residence halls and got to see some cool places, like the time we went to Bluemont Hill, which overlooks the city. Another great thing we did as a floor was having a family dinner every Sunday. We would all cook a meal representative of our country or culture and share it with everyone.

English Language Program

One thing that helped make the transition from China to K-State easier was learning English through the English Language Program that K-State provides. It helped me identify the language skills that I needed to work on most before I came here. When I had questions about English, the teachers in the program would always help me understand. The skills I learned in the English Language Program helped me communicate and make my move to K-State easier.

K-State family

I have a lot of pride knowing that I attend K-State. I am lucky to be here at K‑State and have the great times that I do. I really enjoy living here and being exposed to many different cultures and the people I have met who help teach me about those cultures.

School pride

In China, not everyone has a passion about the school they go to. But here at K-State, the support for our athletics teams alone really shows how much everyone loves K-State. I really enjoy going to the games because everyone wears purple and cheers for the same team. Everyone shows their support for K-State.

After K-State

One thing that has stood out to me the most while I have been here at K-State is the politeness of everyone. It will help me to consider other people’s feelings a lot more after I leave K-State. I also will come away with a lot of friends who mean a great deal to me.

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