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Landon Leiker

Secondary education and mathematics major from Marion, KS

Coming to K-State

Choosing K-State was really kind of an interesting process for me. Originally I wanted to go out of state, and I looked at about 10 different colleges. I came for a visit to K-State, though, just to check it out, and I fell in love with the university. It has the big-time, Big 12 atmosphere, but it still maintains that small-town feeling. The individual attention and genuine concern for the students’ success here at K-State was something that really impressed me and helped make my decision to come to school here.

Res hall life

Living in the residence halls is a great opportunity to meet new people right away when you come to K-State. There is always something going on in the hall complexes, and you find out about so many clubs and organizations that other people living there are involved in that may interest you as well. The location is awesome because you're right on campus. It really immerses you in the college atmosphere.

Memorable experiences

The coolest project that I've gotten to be a part of here at K-State was our semester project in my Introduction to Leadership course. Our group chose to help tutor children through a local program, Hand to Hand, and to sponsor a fundraiser. We ended up with more than 100 hours of tutoring and raised $350 for the program, giving them the funds to buy their summer workbooks. It was such a moving experience and really taught me the value of service and helping others. The leadership class really helped me become active as a leader at K-State and within the Manhattan community as a freshman.

Getting involved

There are endless opportunities and ways to get involved here at K-State. I’ve allowed myself to get out of my comfort zone and have ended up finding so many things I’m passionate about and enjoy doing. I’m active in my church, the Leadership Studies Student Affairs Committee, K-State concert band, and I’m preparing to be an orientation leader, just to name a few. This summer will be my first time being an orientation leader. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to share my passion for K-State with incoming freshmen and to be able to show them ways they can get involved and feel at home at K-State as well.

Finding balance

Balancing schoolwork, clubs and organizations, and life outside the classroom can sometimes be tough. I just drink a lot of coffee-just kidding! I’m here first and foremost for an education, so I make schoolwork my first priority and then schedule time for everything else after that. The transition from high school to college wasn’t extremely difficult for me, but it was a big change. Utilizing your teachers and the people here at K-State makes balancing everything and transitioning into college life much easier.

Major decisions

I came in with the mindset that I was going to be anything but a teacher because most of my family members are teachers. But as it turns out, I was destined to be one as well. I got to know a professor in the College of Education, and he totally changed my mind and helped inspire me to become a teacher. I know I am in the right major because I have a passion for teaching and educating future generations. The classes I am taking really help me to see how I can have an impact on students’ lives, which is very important to me.

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