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Katerina Eckley

Animal sciences and industry major from Dallas, TX

Res hall life

I would definitely recommend the residence halls for students coming to K-State, especially for their freshman year. The relationships that you form while living in the halls help you get through your first year successfully and help you develop into an independent college student. They are monumental whether they last just that one year in the halls, for your entire college career or even for the rest of your life. The relationships you form in the halls are something special that you’ll never forget.

Campus job

I work in the library at the vet school here at K-State. I saw the job opening on the Career and Employment Services website my freshman year and decided to apply. In general, having an on-campus job is such a great opportunity for students here. The hours are so flexible and having a job that is located on campus makes getting to and from class and work so simple. It’s also a great opportunity to get to meet and make connections with the K-State faculty members on a different level than when we are in the classroom.

Getting involved

One of the activities that I really enjoy being of a part of at K-State is being a Texas ambassador. As an ambassador, I get the opportunity to interact with Texas high school students for K-State. I am from Texas as well so I can relate to the concerns and questions they may have about leaving home and coming to K-State. I still remember when I was choosing a college, an ambassador from K-State helped ease any worries I had about making the move to Kansas. I hope to have that same impact and enjoy having the opportunity to share my passion and experiences at K-State with prospective students.

Major decisions

I originally came to K-State for the vet school. I have had a love for animals since I could walk so I knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could interact with animals every day. The animal science program at K-State is such a well-respected program nationally and the people in the department are so passionate about their work that it really helps confirm my decision to choose the animal science major.

Memorable moments

I was in the marching band on the drum line here at K-State for two years so I got to go to all of the athletic events and perform. Sporting events are a huge part of K-State and an opportunity for both young and old K-Staters to come share their love and support for K-State. The whole atmosphere at the games is so much fun and full of energy and excitement.

One thing I’ll never forget about K-State game days is the Wabash Cannonball. That is one tradition that everyone knows and everyone participates in. The stadium looks so cool with everyone doing the same motion when that song comes on.

Home away from home

Growing up, I didn’t know much about K-State because I was from Texas. I was nervous to come eight hours away from home to a place where I knew no one and was pretty worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it that far away on my own. Once I got here though, I started meeting people and becoming involved and really started feeling like I found a place where I fit in. Manhattan is definitely my home away from home, sometimes it even feels weird leaving here to go back home to Texas. I couldn’t be happier at K-State.

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