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Kate Moeder

Interior architecture major from Wichita, KS

Working in studio

If I had a project due that weekend, I was in studio all day during the week whenever I had free time. Your studio becomes your family. But I always made sure I got my sleep, otherwise I wasn't as productive. As an ambassador for the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design I get to give tours to potential students and help out with Open House. It's really rewarding to show off our work.

Coming to K-State

I really like coming to a smaller town than Wichita. I feel like the entire town is part of the university, and everybody understands and agrees. Our family legacy has always been supporting the Wildcats. It would be silly to go to another school when there's such an amazing program right here.

I came to K-State because of the architecture college. I was originally waitlisted into the program, and that was really scary. But I knew I was coming to K-State either way.

Residence hall life

I liked living in the residence halls. Also, none of the people on my floor were in architecture, so I got to meet some more really cool people outside of my major. It was an opportunity to take a break from architecture.

Meeting new people

I only knew a few people coming to K-State, but I made friends really easily because of my major and getting close to the people in my studio. You spend hours and hours in studio so you really get to know the people well. You start learning to appreciate your studio and making really close friends. I have friends who aren't in architecture, but they're really supportive and helpful. They even visit me in studio sometimes.

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