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Karina Mendez

Nutritional sciences and premed major from Guatemala

Choosing K-State

I came to visit some friends in Manhattan, and they told me about K-State. I wanted to learn more, so they set up a campus visit for me. I talked with people from admissions and filled out an application — that's how much I liked what I saw. Before visiting K-State, it had never crossed my mind to come to school here. My plans were to study in Guatemala where all of my friends were, but I really liked it here. After I was admitted, I came here to study in the fall.

Choosing a major

My ultimate goal is to go to medical school, which is why I chose nutritional sciences and premed. My father is a physician who works in rural areas of Guatemala with people who can't afford medical care. My goal is to become a doctor and help him expand his work. He is doing what he can on his own, but I know we can accomplish a lot more together.

Exceptional advisor

My advisor in the College of Human Ecology has done so much for me. I know if I have any kind of problem she will be able to help me, not only during her office hours, but when she is out of her office as well. She is always there for me, and it is great to have someone like her as an advisor.

Campus pride

The pride everyone has for K-State is really important to me. I have friends back home who always ask why I love it here. Even though I wasn't raised here, I really love this place. I think each person represents the university well. It's important to me to do the same and be a good representative of K-State. 

Culture and Scholarship

I was a recipient of a multicultural Human Ecology scholarship, which implies that I had to write an essay explaining my multicultural involvement on campus. It wasn't hard for me since there's so many cultures at K-State. It makes me so happy to realize that K-State is a university that supports many other cultures and they appreciate everyone the same. In my opinion, a good way to find an appropriate scholarship for each person is looking for more specific details. For example, if I am an international student who dreams to become a doctor one day, I will try to find something related to my field that also connects with my ethnicity.

Coming to K-State from abroad

Every international student's fear is the same — loneliness. There is no way you can be lonely here at K-State. Everyone can succeed here because they will have friends, advisors and professors who are willing to help them succeed.

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