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Jenny Steiner

Jenny Steiner

Accounting major from McPherson, KS

Becoming a Wildcat

Both of my parents graduated from K-State so I thought I wanted to go somewhere else to be different from them. They took me to a junior day here at K-State, and I absolutely loved it. As we walked through the campus looking for the next place we were scheduled to meet, a random student came up and helped point us in the right direction.

It was that willingness to help and friendly atmosphere that really stuck out right away to me. I hadn’t seen that at any other university, where people will go out of their way to help you out even when they don’t know you. I felt like this would be a place where I could feel safe, connected and ultimately be very happy, and I was definitely right.

Res hall life

I’ve made so many amazing friends and memories while living in the residence hall my freshman year. It’s a great way to immediately be involved and to feel connected when you arrive at K-State. I’m from a small town here in Kansas so having the opportunity to live with so many different types of people from all over has been especially exciting for me. There is always someone around to talk to and to hang out with. The little everyday interactions like blaring music and singing while my roommates and I get ready for class or saying hello to people in the hallway are ones that I’ll never forget.

Campus job

I work at New Student Services here at K-State. My admissions representative made such a huge impact on my decision to come to K-State by really taking a personal interest in me and my experience with the university. I wanted to pay it forward and have that same impact on other prospective students so that they can be as happy at K-State as I am.

The best part about my job is talking to students who’ve loved their visit to campus and are excited about their future at K-State. It makes me so proud to be a Wildcat and a student at such a great university.

Going Greek

One of the many great things about being Greek at K-State is the opportunity to network with people all over campus. I have met so many amazing women within my house but also students from other sororities and fraternities. Each house puts on philanthropy events that we all take part in, which gives me the chance to interact with the whole Greek community. I’ve loved being able to be a part of so many different philanthropies and to have the opportunity to help these other houses reach their goals of raising money for their philanthropy.

Getting involved

My biggest piece of advice for new freshmen is to get involved at K-State right off the bat. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to join clubs or be part of a project on and off campus. I found out about the organizations that I am involved in through a lot of different sources. 

One that I’ve really enjoyed being a part of is the Open House Coordinating Council. It was really neat to be able to be on the planning side of Open House and to help with all of the things that needed to be done in order for the day to be a success. I love the fact that Open House brings alumni, current students and prospective students all together on campus to learn about and explore all that K-State has to offer.

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