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Eric Conner

Regional and community planning major from Naperville, IL

A major decision

My major is really cool because you are more involved with the people than just the architecture. It's more of a long-term mind-set that really allows you to think about making a better city, not just nicer buildings.

Sometimes, you have to study for weekends at a time. But when you get that good grade, it's all worth it. K-State challenges you, and that's helped me become a better student. I want to do well and I will put in the time in studio.

Coming to K-State

The architecture program at K-State is what really brought me here. I didn't really look at other schools. I was accepted here before I even visited. Then I came here during Wildcat Warm-up, and that's where I met all of my good friends and my roommate. It's good to have friends outside the architecture school.

Residence hall life

I lived in the residence halls, and I liked the people I lived with. It was nice because I lived on the architecture cluster floor and we were all working together. If there was a test, we were all studying. Or if I had a question, I could ask anybody I lived with.

Getting involved

It wasn't awkward getting involved on campus. I really like ultimate Frisbee, so I went to the club meeting. I was a bit nervous going, but everyone is so nice. I'm always surprised by how nice people are at K-State. With the ultimate Frisbee club, I get to play all over and travel with the team. There's always a big caravan, which is great because I don't have a car.

Joining Greek Life

I decided to join Greek life because I was spending most of my free time with the guys in the fraternity. I became friends with all of them, but was missing out on the common experiences and stories that they were all involved with because I wasn't a member. After dragging my feet for a long time and missing out on these events, I decided that it was about time to go for it. For those not thinking about Greek life too much, consider it! There are so many opportunities to get involved with different events because of Greek life and it gives you a ton of connections not just within K-State, but also when you go out into the real world.

Fun around town

Coming from the Chicago area, I'm surprised about how much there is to do here in Manhattan. The football team is pretty impressive. There is more to K-State than it seems. I like to make it to all of the football games — doing the Wabash and cheering on the team. I love spending all day on Saturdays tailgating with my friends. For me, not having a car is almost an advantage. I will stay in and study instead of going somewhere and fooling around. I'm here for school, and I have to make that a priority.

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