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Cody Kennedy

Cody Kennedy

Secondary education and math major from Phillipsburg, KS

Choosing a major

Ever since I was little, I would pretend to teach my own class to an empty room of "students." I wanted to be a teacher since then. When it came time to pick a major, I knew education was right for me because I have had that passion for so long. I loved learning and knew it was right for me.

College of Education ambassador

I’m glad I have the ability to be a College of Education ambassador because I get to meet prospective students who are visiting K-State. They follow me around for a day and see what the life of a college student is like. It is really cool to be able to show a junior or senior in high school what a typical day looks like. I think it is really valuable.

Greek life

It’s not just a chapter-by-chapter basis. I love watching the whole Greek community come together in our different philanthropies that each chapter sponsors. It’s more about people coming together to make a difference, and this is something I find amazing. At K-State, college students are making differences in people’s lives.

Small town to big university

The hardest thing about the transition to K-State was the university’s population because it was 10 times the size of my hometown. In my first semester, one of my English classes had about 20 students. It really helped me get to know each student on a first name basis and learn a lot about them. The professor also cared about us. We called our teacher by her first name, and she took time out of her schedule to meet with us and make sure we were going to succeed. It made my transition much easier. 

K-State family

Being a part of the K-State family means doing something more for people other than myself. Family is an important theme at K-State, and it is the truth. Nothing makes me feel more at home than knowing I have friends who care and who I care about. Having people who look out for me here is a big deal to me.

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