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Cajsa Larson

Cajsa Larson

Elementary education major from Leonardville, KS

Choosing K-State

I looked at a lot of smaller colleges at first, but when I took an official visit to K-State, I fell in love with the Leadership Studies Building, and it was just a different experience than what I thought it would be.

Leadership Ambassador

I really took advantage of the Leadership Studies building and the Introduction to Leadership Concepts class that I had. I heard I had an opportunity to be a leadership ambassador and really utilized that. The program gets you connected, and you get to meet a lot of people and you get to show off what you love by meeting with prospective students and their families and showing them around K-State.

Res hall life

I lived in Marlatt Hall, and we definitely had a community atmosphere. You could have your door open and people stopped in and said hello. You were never really alone unless you wanted to be. It wasn’t overbearing or anything, but you got to meet so many people. It was nice and encouraging to see a friendly smile when you were walking out of your room to class.

Time management

My planner is completely packed hour to hour. I like to stay busy, extremely busy. I really like being involved. I went from a small high school where I could be in every club, and now I have to really plan to be just as involved as I was in high school.

College transition

Your mindset just changes completely from high school to college. It gives you a broader global perspective from just taking general classes. It makes you more aware of your surroundings rather than yourself.

Studying Abroad

I studied abroad in Sweden at Linneaus University in the Fall semester 2013. I continued to study Elementary Education while I was there. I had a wonderful experience which included going out into the Swedish public elementary schools and working with children. I had plenty of time to travel as well, hitting Denmark, Finland, Russia, and Ireland. I am so thankful for the scholarships and help the study abroad office at Kansas State University gave me. I wouldn't have been able to have these life changing experiences without their guidance.

Coming to K-State from the Manhattan area

Just because you are going somewhere that is the same area that you grew up in, you can make it as diverse and global as you want it to be. You don’t have to hang out with the same people, because you meet new people constantly. It is a completely different atmosphere.

K-State community

One of the best things about K-State is the environment on campus. If you are lost, someone will direct you the way you need to go. Everyone holds the door open for you as you walk by. There is definitely the small town feel while you are part of something bigger.

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