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Austin Krug

Austin Krug

Chemical engineering major from Topeka, KS

Choosing K-State

Both of my parents went to K-State, so I always came to games. When I visited I really saw the family atmosphere and friendly professors and students who were really open. It seemed like everyone at the university genuinely cared about me. 

Going Greek

At first, I was really against joining a fraternity. But after taking the time to visit different fraternities, I realized that Greek life offers a community atmosphere, and it allows you to connect with people who are similar to you. Some of the things I enjoy most are intramural competitions and being able to compete with my friends in the house. It is a really good brotherhood.

Transitioning to college life

The hardest part about coming to college was having to do homework on a regular basis. In high school you don’t have to spend a lot of time on homework. Having a really good library on campus that is open 24/7 and having support around you is a pretty great thing.

Outside of class

I really like to hang out and get to know new people, and I’m able to do that with pretty much everything I’m involved in at K-State. The updated Rec Complex is a really cool place to go workout. Some of the new features, like the climbing wall, are a lot of fun. Also, I play the piano and am currently taking organ lessons from the music department here. It is really fun to be able to play for my friends and fraternity brothers.

Time management

Before I came to college, I never used a planner. But since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten used to using my calendar on my phone to manage my time every day. I schedule time to do my homework to stay on top of my studies, so I have time for fun with my friends.

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