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Class of 2015 and later

For educators

The Qualified Admissions standards for Kansas Board of Regents' schools have changed for all institutions beginning with the class graduating in 2015.

In response to the changing admission requirements, K-State will initiate student self reporting with the class of 2015. At the time they apply, students will be asked to submit:

  • precollege coursework,
  • grades,
  • GPA,
  • rank (if available),
  • and test scores (if available and not already sent via ACT or SAT).

K-State will use this information to make initial admission decisions and scholarship awards. All admission decisions are conditional until final transcripts are received. Official high school transcripts will be required by July 1 for students enrolling in Fall. Final transcripts will be used to verify self-reported information. Scholarship offers with academic requirements will be reviewed and verified before financial awarding.  If misrepresentations are found, K-State reserves the right to rescind offers of admission and cancel scholarships.

Review our 2015 Admissions quick guide (pdf) 


The most common questions we have received from counselors so far. Please note that many responses are based on the Qualified Admissions Rules and Regulations as described on the Kansas Board of Regents website.

Do students really need to take Chemistry or Physics?

Yes. Three natural science units are required but one of those units must be either Chemistry or Physics. Physical Science may count as one accepted science unit but it does not replace this requirement.

Do students really have to take four units of math?

If a student does not receive a 22 or higher subscore on the math section of the ACT (or a 540 SAT Math score), then he or she will need to complete four units of math. The fourth unit of math should be designed to prepare students for college and must be taken in the graduating year. Students who take College Algebra for college credit for one semester will be awarded a full unit of credit.

Students who receive a 22 or higher ACT math subscore (or a 540 SAT Math score) are required to have three units of math.

Are the courses listed on the quick guide truly the only approved courses?

No, the 2015 Admissions quick guide (pdf) is an overview. There are many other courses approved as precollege or "core" courses. You can find all Approved Qualified Admissions Curricula on the Kansas Board of Regents website. Contact Jean Redeker at the Kansas Board of Regents if you have questions regarding adding courses to the approved lists. Her email is jredeker@ksbor.org.

When should high schools send transcripts?

Schools should not send partial (6th semester) transcripts for most students. For the vast majority of students, we will only require a final high school transcript by July 1. Here are the exceptions to this general rule:

  • selective majors will still require a partial transcript for review, 
  • students who are being considered as finalists for our competitive selective scholarships may be asked to send partial transcripts, 
  • students who are not admissible based on the information they self reported will need to send transcripts AND complete senior schedules.

The number of partial transcripts required should be small and students will be given specific instructions.

Will students really know how to self report?

Yes! Self reporting has been very successful as reported by other schools. But students must have some necessary details. Please help prepare your students to self report. They should have a transcript and know what classes they will be taking their entire senior year. Some specific questions students may have during the actual self-reporting process are answered here.  

What about test scores?

We will allow students to self report test scores. We will also continue to use the scores listed on high school transcripts for initial admission and scholarship purposes. However, prior to enrollment, we will communicate directly with students for whom we have unverified test scores. If we have scores not verified directly from the testing agency, we will ask students to have scores sent to K-State. This will help us ensure we have all subscores and relevant profile and advising information. To align with our high school transcript deadline, we will ask for scores by July 1.

As a reminder, class rank can be substituted for a standardized test score for admission but the math subscore is now an admission consideration as well. Test scores are also used for scholarship consideration and academic advising.


We truly appreciate all you do! If you have other questions, contact us and we will be happy to visit with you.

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