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Undergraduate Admissions Application FAQs

  1. What is an eID?  All K-State employees, students and those needing access to university computing systems are required to have an eID. Your eID is your K-State user name and becomes part of your K-State email, is used to enroll in classes, access K-State Online, view online paychecks, and much more.  

    Your K-State eID is not the same as your Federal Student Aid PIN, which is used each year to electronically apply for federal student aid and to access your Federal Student Aid records online.

  2. Why do I need an eID to apply to K-State?  You must have an eID to save your application. It also allows you to sign back in and complete the application if you didn’t finish it on your first visit. If you are admitted to K-State and choose to attend, you will use this eID to enroll in classes, accept financial aid, sign into K-State Online and much more.

  3. What is the application fee? Are there any exceptions?  The application fee is $40 ($80 for international students) and can be paid by cash, check, or credit card and is non-refundable. Some exceptions may apply. Learn about application fee exceptions, then click on the "Application Fee Exceptions" link on the apply now page.

  4. Is my social security number required to submit my application?  Your social security number is not required to submit your application. However, it is required if you want to apply for financial aid or scholarships.

  5. Can someone other than the student submit an application on behalf of a student?  Yes. Parents, guardians, counselors, and international admissions advisors can submit an application for someone else. An individual that completes an application on behalf of someone else will be required to have their own eID. PLEASE NOTE: Our application for admission is combined with our scholarship application. Applicants are given the option to complete the scholarship portion or skip it. It is recommended that students submit scholarship information using their own eID. If you are submitting an application for admission on behalf of a student, it is recommended that you do not fill out the scholarship section. The student can create his/her own eID at a later date and complete a separate scholarship application.

  6. Do I need to apply if I only want to take an online course and am not seeking a degree, minor, or certificate? Yes, however this is not the correct application to complete. For this situation, complete the application from the Division of Continuing Education after selecting the desired course.

  7. Can I save my application and finish it later?  Yes. Using your eID, you can return to the application dashboard from the apply.ksu.edu page or directly at apply.ksu.edu/app/Dashboard_open.action. From the application dashboard you will be able to open your in-progress application, submit it and view the status of a previously submitted application.

  8. Will I need to provide my transcripts or other academic information while filling out this application?  Transcripts and other academic information may be needed to complete your application file, but you won’t supply that information on the application. You will receive information after submission of this application detailing what is needed.  

  9. Where can I find information about financial aid?
    See more about the Student Financial Assistance process.

  10. Can I add information to my scholarship application later after I submit it?  Yes. You will automatically be directed to your dashboard if you try to complete another scholarship application for the same aid year. You will need to sign in with your eID and password. From the dashboard you will click on the “add additional info” link. You will be able to add to your honors, awards and leadership roles, but you will not be able to add any additional scholarship criteria that were originally available in the form of checkboxes. If you need to add or remove that particular information to or from your application, please call the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 785-532-6420 or send email to finaid@k-state.edu. If you need to, you can see a list of the additional scholarship criteria (pdf).

  11. How do I make changes to my admission application after it's been submitted?  Contact the Office of Admissions to make changes to your application.

    Office of Admissions
    800-432-8270 toll free

  12. How can I find out about the status of my application? Once your application and all required academic materials are received in the Office of Admissions, a review of your file will occur.   You will receive communications about this status as soon as it is determined. You may contact the Office of Admissions at any time to inquire about the status of your application.

  13. How and when will I know I’m admitted?   You will be mailed an admission packet from the university after submitting your application and all supporting items including transcripts, application fee, etc. Distance education students will be contacted via an email.

  14. Can I be denied admission?  Yes.  K-State may deny admission if your academic work does not meet the Qualified Admissions requirements.  In addition, you will be denied admission if you are currently incarcerated.  K-State reserves the right to deny admission on an individual case basis.