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Alex Beemer

Accounting and Finance major from Lenexa, KS

Deciding on a Major

I like taking things apart and building things, so I knew I wanted to get into engineering. I landed on mechanical because it's so open, you can go anywhere with that degree. I like having my options open. You want to have a bit of flexibility in your major, and K-State definitely understands that.

Going Greek

Joining a Greek house allowed me to find resources in my chapter to help point me in the right direction on campus. There are older guys who have advice on majors or ways to get involved on campus. We also have a chapter advisor who works on campus and who knew some great people to talk to. Being part of the Greek community was a lot of fun during homecoming. There's a lot of excitement the whole week.

Getting involved

I went in for a meeting with my advisor and asked him how to get involved around campus. He recommended getting involved in three different areas: one in my major, one throughout the whole university, and one in my housing. My advisor was a huge help. I didn't even know about the leadership studies minor with the nonprofit focus, but he explained it to me. The leadership studies program has a lot of great ways to get involved.

Time Management

It's different than high school. You have to put in a lot of hours studying because most of your grades come from tests as opposed to homework and other material. You just have to manage your time well, plan things ahead, and you can't wait until last minute to do things. I use my planner to keep track of homework and stuff, but I also set reminders in my phone to help me remember little things. Having a smaller class load my first semester seemed really beneficial because it's allowed me to get involved in a lot of things and get my feet wet.

Purple pride

The best thing I like about K-State is they want to see you succeed and they have tons of people around who want to help make that happen. Living at K-State is really comfortable, and there's support on campus in every area that you need. There's always someone who is willing to help you.

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