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Adrienne Besler

Elementary education major from Evergreen, CO

Deciding on a major

My mother hinted to me the idea of becoming a teacher. My grandfather was a professor, so his love for education really inspired me. I started thinking more about it, and really thought it would be a great future for me. I took a few tests at the Academic Career Information Center on campus to determine what would be the best major for me, and elementary education kept coming up.

From Colorado to K-State

I've been to K-State several times because both my grandparents graduated from K-State. My parents met at K-State, my sisters went to K-State, it's always been a home to me. A part of me wanted to carry on the family tradition. I considered going to some other schools, but my family already had so many positive K-State experiences that I really wanted to have my own.

Life in the res halls

The residence halls are great because you get to meet a lot of people. Everyone I meet in the residence halls I get to see every day. We have floor dinners almost every night at the Derby Dining Center.

Going Greek

I went through formal sorority recruitment in the fall. My sisters were both in a sorority, so they prepped me for what to expect. It was a little crazy, but totally worth it. My sorority has given me a lot of opportunities to get involved in different committees and offices.

Getting involved

I love music and playing guitar. In high school, I used to play in coffee shops and at talent shows. I'm looking to play a bit in Aggieville. I'm also really big into sports. I played flag football and volleyball intramurals already. I can play with my residence hall and my sorority. Every day after class I go to the Rec and then I study at night. I'm able to stay busy either with my sorority, my intramural teams, and just hanging out with friends.

Purple pride

I really liked getting involved in homecoming, participating in Pant the Chant and working on our float for the parade. I love the atmosphere at K-State. I just met all these people, and we're already becoming friends, saying hi as we pass each other walking on campus. Everyone is just so friendly.

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