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Adam Wilkerson

Civil engineering major from Columbia, MO

Becoming a Wildcat

I grew up in Columbia, MO, and have always loved Big 12 athletics. My parents convinced me to come to K-State to watch a basketball game here and to check out the campus while we were in Manhattan. The campus, community and people here at K-State totally impressed me. I kept my options open and looked at several other colleges, but in the end K-State was the one for me. The personal touch that K-State provided truly helped me to make my decision.

Advice for success

When you get to K-State, leave your door open. I only knew one person coming here from my high school and we weren’t in the same living community, so I took it upon myself to go out and meet new people from day one. Everyone is nervous the first few weeks of school but you just have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised at how many new friendships you will form.

Campus job

I work as a tour guide for New Student Services here at K-State. When I was considering K-State as a high school student, the tour guides really helped sell me on this university by sharing their passion for K-State. I really wanted to have the opportunity to do the same for other prospective students by showing them all the things that make K-State such a special place. I found out about this job through friends who worked there and decided to apply to be a guide for my spring semester.

Exceeding expectations

It was the personal touches that really helped me decide to come to K-State. But what is even more outstanding is now that I am a K-State student, the faculty and teachers still care about my experience and continue to make it personal. On the first day of class, many of my teachers handed out their cell phone numbers in case we needed to contact them with questions about our schoolwork. It really confirmed that the K-State community cares about our success and our college experience.

Going Greek

One of the best things I’ve gained from being in a fraternity is the exposure to people from so many different backgrounds. The men in my fraternity come from all different walks of life, and now we all live under the same roof. It is really interesting to learn about and to take an interest in where everyone has come from and how it has made them into the people they are today. I chose my fraternity because I felt I could really relate to all of the guys even though many of us were very different.

Inspiring classes

I’ve enjoyed all of my classes at K-State, especially the ones that pertain to my major. One class I’ve taken that really stands out to me though was the Introduction to Leadership Concepts course.

Our final project consisted of our groups choosing a community service project to conduct here in Manhattan. My group chose to go to a local elementary school and teach the kids about the importance of exercise. We got to spend a morning with a bunch of kids playing games, having relay races and really just spending quality time with them. It was a project unlike any other and was really rewarding because we were able to get involved in our community.

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